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    Thank you Furflr for the chance to review the Primal Freeze-Dried Formulas! We received the sample-sized nuggets in the flavours Beef, Lamb and Turkey & Sardines! #RealPetReviews

    Primal was Kelsea’s first time taking raw food. The freeze-dried nuggets are particularly handy for locals as we have limited space for storage, let alone frozen raw food. The freeze-dried raw nuggets were also lightweight, easy to store and prepare!

    Although raw-infused and freeze-dried feed are always slightly pricier compared to normal and/or even premium and highly rated kibbles, they are however a really great and useful feed as toppers, especially if you have a picky eater like Kelsea. Also, if you own medium to larger breed dogs, it’s kinda costly to use it as their full meals, but there are many offers around as seen on @b2kpet’s Instagram!

    Kelsea is a picky eater and eats cautiously. She’s choosy about the type of protein, size of kibble and texture of her food. She prefers chicken/beef to fish, doesn’t like kibble (hard food) and prefers small bites although she’s medium sized. -_- We would usually prepare toppers such as beef/chicken meat/organs and mix with the kibble. This would take about 20 minutes (defrost, cook, mix with kibble, cool down). Having the Primal freeze-dried raw nuggets greatly shortened our prep time.

    She ate really fast for all flavours and would also lick her bowl clean and look really satisfied after her meal!! 😀 I was also surprised that she didn’t mind and actually liked the turkey and sardine one as well.

    Good things come at a cost, Primal offers a lot of information about their products on their site, including the source of their ingredients (, which are human-grade, and additional nutritional info exceeding packaging requirements!

    We would definitely consider the Primal freeze-dried formula as one of her toppers, probably adding it to our current routine!

  2. ourpetadventures
    Overall Rating

    Really excited when Furflr chose us to be one of the reviewers!
    I gave both Skye and Luna one nugget first, just to see if they like it.
    Skye LOVES it. As seen in the video ( , she finished her nugget within a minute!
    Luna took a little longer, as she is not used to food with a ‘mushy’ consistency.

    The nuggets have NO smell, which is awesome!! Some pet food I have bought before had a really strong and unpleasant smell which I don’t really prefer. (Of course Skye and Luna would not mind that! )
    Preparation is really easy too! Just soak in water and wait for it to soften before mashing it up to make it easier for your pet to eat. The nuggets are really light too, which makes it easy to bring out on outings!

    Im really impressed with the ingredients in this. It is hard to find good quality pet food these days.
    Primal is made in USA, first few ingredients are all meat! No by-products or meals.

    Although the quality of this product is one of the best out there, it is still too expensive for us (compared to the brand we are currently using) to get unless there is a huge discount.

    Definitely recommend this to all pawrents to let their furkids try!

  3. ashley.bordercollie
    Overall Rating

    We are honored to be selected as one of the reviewers for Primal Pet Food. Ashley loves the smell and taste of Primal and her food bowl will always be licked sparkling clean. Whenever I am preparing a meal of Primal, she will be anxiously waiting outside the kitchen for it to be served.

    I feed her Primal as it is a 5-star freeze-dried food which uses human grade ingredients and contains organs which are essential in a dog’s daily diet. It can be fed as a main, treat or topper. It is convenient to bring around when we are out for meals at places where dog food is not available. It also eliminates the need to rush home for a raw food meal as the packaging is light and needs no refrigeration. I also use it as a treat by placing a slightly crushed Primal nugget, stuffed in her Toppl toy which can keep her busy for quite awhile. It is also a good topper/food enhancer when Ashley gets difficult with medications.

    Cost is the main reason that we do not feed Primal as a main meal for Ashley. Even after the 1 for 1 promotion, it still costs $88 for 2 bags of 14oz with each bag containing approx. 64 nuggets. Ashley is about 13.4kg and based on the primal calculator, she will need to take 9.2, 11.1 and 16.9 nuggets per day for the Beef, Lamb and Pork flavours respectively so 1 bag (14oz) can only last her about 3.5 – 7 days. This works out to approximately $6.20/day for the Beef flavoured nuggets which is quite costly compared to her current raw food which costs $4.20/day.

    Save for the price factor, I would gladly feed Primal as Ashley’s main meal.

  4. curiousdelia
    Overall Rating

    Woot woot , Delia finally got her paws on some Primal Freeze Dried Formulas Samples !

    Thank you furflr and b2k for giving Delia a chance to taste test this awesome product and participate in the #RealPetsReview 😀

    We hope we would get more chances in the future.

    The taste test:

    Little Miss Greedy Delia gobbled up 5 nuggets in a record time of 1 min 22 secs ! So I’m pretty sure she finds Primal absolutely heavenly.

    In the taste department, Primal gets a 5/5 stars rating …

    Ingredients :

    Delia’s usual meal contains minced meat, vegetables, and brown rice. Being the kiasu mama I am , I’m super particular about what goes into Delia’s daily meals so processed food like kibbles are a big no no.

    This is the main concern for every pet parent as I’m sure every pawrent would want the BEST for their fur babies. I was delighted to find out each Primal nuggets contain a good amount of internal organs , vegetables , good oils and natural supplements which make it a healthy meal substitute. Oh did I mentioned that the vegetables in the nuggets are organic?! Organic vegetables in commercial dog food? Dream come true!!!

    And best of all, Primal contains no Alibaba ingredients that I can’t even pronounce!

    In the Ingredients department, Primal gets another 5/5 stars rating !


    Now this is another important area of concern, especially for working pawrents who may not have the time to prepare healthy home-cooked meals for their fur babies. Delia is extremely blessed as her ah ma cooks her meals twice daily. But not every pawrent has the luxury of time.

    Well, Primal is super convenient to prepare. Just unwrap, add water, soak and mash! Easy does it, prep time take about 5 mins only . Perfect for the busy pawrents out there.

    In the Convenience department, it’s another 5/5 stars rating for Primal !


    B2K is running a promotion for Primal, under the buy 1 get 1 free promo 2 bags of 14oz (approximately 64 nuggets per pack) would cost $88. This is a great deal but according to the nugget calculator on Primal’s website Fatty Delia would require 10 nuggets per day .

    Now let’s do the maths:
    64 nuggets x 2 bags = 128 nuggets
    128 nuggets / 10 nuggets per day = 12.8 days (round off to 12)
    $88/ 12 days = $7.3333333 per day

    As compared to her home-cooked meal which cost about $3 per day, Primal is still on the high side.

    In the Price department, Primal scores a 3/5 rating .


    Although the price is costlier than Delia’s daily meals but the heavenly taste, superior ingredients and awesome convenience Primal brings has won us over!

    I might not give Primal to Delia as a daily meal but definitely, I would use it as an occasional treat meal or a quick meal when Delia’s ah ma decides to take a day off~

    Overall I would give Primal a 4/5 rating 😀

  5. 5.0
    Overall Rating

    I am honoured to be chosen as one of the reviewer to give out honest #RealPetReviews for every pets owner out there and we are also happy to be able to let owners know more about Primal Pet Foods because I believed that sometimes owners find it hard to believe that a certain food is good because there is commercial accounts and so on but please you got to believed me that I am a die hard fans of Primal and not because I wanted the samples (Ok I admit that is one of the reasons) but still…. If you are one of our old followers / friends on Instagram and Facebook, you would know that Primal is one of the brand which we feed to Bruno and Brownie constantly.

    Now let’s skip to the part on why Primal?
    There will definitely be a good and bad sides for every brand and this is something that cannot be stop and most importantly your furkids got to love it. I SWEAR that just like any of you pawrents out there before I was a Primal supporter, I had the same mindset like everyone : What? $88 for 2 packets (Buy 1 Free1) Is it really good? (Before we were on Primal we were also thinking whether we should tried it as many of our picky friends loved Primal too) and people will be like : Wah dogs nowadays really very good life hor, the food they eat also better than humans.
    BUT….. If the food isn’t good, and the boys don’t love it. Why the hell would I actually want to spent $88 on Primal right? Unless I am Mrs Rich!

    Sometimes, if you love your furkids and you wish for them to be healthy and eat the food they love to eat, you really got to sacrificed for them because they are your kids no matter what.

    Bad parts about Primal :
    To be honest, I do not like the stool part as I actually preferred it to be hard so that it would be easy for me to pick them up especially when the boys poop in public but yes its also not vey good too if the stool is always hard.

    Another bad part is that, you really got to store your Primal properly actually its applicable to all foods. It was also stated at the back of your Primal packet (So far I do not have this issue about not storing my primal properly nor my friends but I guess maybe some owners might have face this problem before too) I once had this issue whereby I bought from a certain seller and to be honest I had a hard time letting the boys finishing the 2 packets of Primal. I believed that it may either be stored not properly or whatever reason it got to be. Once the primal are not stored properly, the nuggets would not be fresh and some dogs they are able to tell whether it is or is it not. Same for humans, we took the nuggets out from the packet every single day, we used our hand to smash it into small pieces. How could we not know whether it’s fresh or not? I would also like to advise all the sellers who are selling Primal to at least store the food properly because it is really not good for our pets having to eat something not fresh also its not very nice that we spent $88 for something that is not fresh but that did not stopped me from buying Primal because problem lies with seller not the brand and Brownie Bruno absolutely loved Primal.

    If you are a Primal fan and you’re having problem buying the Buy 1 Free 1 for $88 seller please PM me and I would let you know which seller to get those fresh $88 Buy 1 Free 1 sellers when B2K Pet Products Singapore is not having any events cos just like you i wish to buy from a seller selling buy 1 free 1 instead of 1 packet for $88 right pfft!!

    I guess this post is getting too lengthy, Please stay tuned to our next Furflr #RealPetReview post again where we would be talking more about our own experience on why some dogs who are picky might be choosing Primal and some nutrions part ❤❤

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