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  1. ourpetadventures
    Overall Rating

    Thank you to Solid Gold and Furflr for choosing us to review!!

    We received 3 kibble samples, 1 creamy bisque pouch, 1 savory mousse cup and 1 evening tide can.

    Packaging- Very striking. At the pet expo in 2015, my friend and I actually did a double take. Definitely made a good first impression. The pouch, cup and can are good for bringing on travels too, compact and looks nice.

    Made in?- The first downside to this, is that only the kibbles are made in USA, the rest of their products (can, pouch, cup) are made in Thailand. I usually don’t trust products made in certain Asian countries.

    The food- Luna ate everything but the Creamy Bisque with crab and coconut milk (pouch). Smell-wise, the products smells like the meat mentioned on the packaging, not overpowering though! The creamy bisque had the strongest smell, maybe that’s why Luna didn’t like it?

    Ingredients- Although they don’t mention the percentage of specific meats, the ingredients list seems pretty good. The first 2 ingredients of the samples we tried were usually meats. I also liked that they wrote ‘no by-products’ on one of their product’s packaging.

    Cost- Average pricing. Considering the ingredients and the country of manufacture, it is slightly pricey.

    Choices- Solid Gold has a variety of options for cats of different ages and even cater for problems like weight control.

    Overall- I would give them 3.5 – 4 out of 5 stars

  2. Lynne Wong
    Overall Rating

    We got reallllllly excited when we received a package from Furflr and inside is a great selection of Solid Gold’s food!

    Moomoocow’s favourites:
    • Five Oceans (as shown in the image) – CANNED
    • Fit as a Fiddle – KIBBLES

    Five Oceans (Shrimp & Tuna Recipe in Gravy) comes in a 170g/6oz which is a tad too big for her so I portioned it and fed her for 2 meals. Before I could put the food in her bowl, she got impatient and started licking the food from the can itself! It smells very fishy (which Moomoocow LOVES) and I was pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of whole shrimps and tuna in there. It was such a treat for Moomoocow and on top of that, it is grain and gluten free!

    Another Moomoocow’s fave is Fit as a Fiddle (with fresh caught Alaskan Pollock). It is a low fat/low calorie + grain/gluten free kiddies for adult cats. So if you are looking to shed a few pounds off your puss, this would be a good option. It contains olive oil, canola oil and salmon oil for skin and coat health and it has NO fillers, by-products, preservatives etc. As Moomoocow isn’t on a kibble diet, I’m giving her this as a treat instead. She absolutely loves it! I would use this to play “fetch” with her. She would sprint to the kibble, eats it and runs back for more!

    Moomoocow was not very fond with one of the wet food and that is Holistic Delights, Creamy Bisque – Chicken & Coconut Milk.

    It comes in a single portion pouch (85g/3oz) and it contains shredded chicken meat in a creamy coconut milk gravy. Even though it smells great (to me), it did not entice her at all. It is possible that it doesn’t smell fishy enough for her to have the courage to try… I was a bit concerned about giving coconut milk to Moomoocow as cats can be lactose intolerant?

    All in all, Moomoocow has a happy belly after trying out such a good variety of food samples! 🙂 A big thank you to Furflr and Solid Gold for giving us this opportunity! *purrrrr*

  3. royalmeownesspixie
    Overall Rating

    Thanks for picking Pixie to be a taste-tester for the new Solid Gold products! We received the following:
    – Solid Gold Dog Cup Lil’ Boss – Turkey and Hearty Vegetable Recipe in Gravy
    – Solid Gold Dog Fit and Fabulous With Fresh Caught Alaskan Pollock
    – Lil’ Boss™ Turkey & Hearty Vegetable Recipe
    – Buck Wild™ With Venison, Potato & Pumpkin Recipe

    At first glance, we were very happy the new Solid Gold dry and wet food are grain-free and gluten-free (with the exception of the Fit and Fabulous formula). Also, quality meat is always listed as the first ingredient. The pretty sparkly packaging definitely caught the eye of both human and Pixie as well.

    Pixie has always been picky about her food, especially for dry food, so it took a bit of coaxing before she ate the samples given. She did eventually eat them, which was an amazing feat for Pixie since she usually turns away from kibbles.

    The Lil’ Boss dog cup was much more well received by Pixie and she enjoyed licking up the gravy. It smelled pretty good, even to the human nose.

    My only grouse – the portion of the dog cups. The recommended serving is 3-4 cups per day for every 10lbs of body weight. That would mean a whooping 8 cups a day for Pixie!

    Again, thank you Furflr and Solid Gold for sending over the samples so that we could experience for ourselves the new range of Solid Gold dog food!

  4. hesedetang
    Overall Rating

    We were given the opportunity to review a slew of Solid Gold products for our two indoor-only cats, Dyllis and Dexter.

    The products included for us were:-
    – Purrfect Pairings Chicken Liver & Goat Milk
    – July Morning Classic Pate Chicken, Turkey, Ocean Whitefish & Liver Recipe
    – Creamy Bisque with Salmon and Coconut Milk
    – Forever Young Turkey Brown Rice & Cranberry Recipe

    Meow-verdict: Good to Very good.
    Of the products we were fortunate to sample, the cats adored the Creamy Bisque with Salmon and Coconut Milk the most. It was an instant hit, even though we were not sure if they would reject it initially, because of the coconut milk.
    We need not have worried, however, because upon opening the sachet, both cats were beside themselves with excitement and anticipation. One of our cats, Dexter, liked it more than his sister, Dyllis. He is a fan of cow’s milk, purees and pastes, so this product was right up his alley! The portion was generous, even when split between two cats, aged 3 years 2 months and 3 years 8 months.

    Another distinct favourite was the cup of Purrfect Pairings Chicken Liver and Goat Milk. Again, Dexter showed more interest in it than Dyllis did, but they both cleaned out their plates, eventually.

    Human verdict: Very good. 5 stars.
    In the past, when our cats were younger, they had tried the previous line of Solid Gold canned foods and they did not respond well. At the time, we were also a little concerned that there was a heavy emphasis of tuna in the previous range, even though it was highly recommended to us by friends.
    This time around, we were pleasantly surprised to know that Solid Gold has since revamped their entire range of wet and dry foods, to include a much better variety of protein sources such as Rabbit and Quail.
    We like very much that this new range considers the various food textures that cats would find appealing, for example, purees and pates. This selection is very handy for cats who are known to be fussy eaters.
    We also like the new portion sizes for the sachets and cups, as they are ideal for our two cats to share at mealtimes. (We recall some of the older range came in cans that held oversized portions, resulting in some difficulty in storing the unused portions.)
    Moving forwards, we have decided to include some of the sachets and cups to the cats’ meal routine, to add variation to their diets. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review this new range, we hope this review has been helpful 🙂

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